MadsWhen asked to put into words “my experiences” with Maddi I could not find them. When I think about Maddi and all of the times we have all I can think is love and joy. From the very beginning she captured my heart. There is such a pureness that shines through her eyes. She looks at you with love and happiness no matter what she is going through. I have been

witness to the many struggles she and her amazingly strong parents have gone through. I have watched them struggle but never give up. Madilynne is a fighter and a survivor. She has this love for people and life. A true inner joy inside of her busts out through her radiant smile and her infectious laugh. The way she just giggles and giggles, it cleanses the soul. Every time I see her we have our dance time, just she and I. We dance and laugh and dance and laugh some more. We play games, make funny faces, and make silly noises. The time I get to spend with this precious angel I cherish. Maddi has blessed so many lives. I know for certain she has enriched my life and brought so much happiness to our family.
There was preconceived idea that she would be “lacking” certain things in her life. I am not sure I see where she is lacking. Sure she may have more educational and physical struggles than others but, Maddi is the definition of love. The way she interacts with everyone, the smile on her face, and the heartwarming hugs she gives. She is such a happy little girl with so much curiosity always trying to figure something out. We should all take a lesson from this little angel and live our lives with more love and joy. Maddi is what is right in this world, pure love, joy and happiness. Let’s share her with the world through this blog and bring forth all that Madilynne exemplifies.


By: Auntie Moe


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