Maddi is 5


Our Madilynne celebrated her fifth birthday this past week. Oh, my God my little girl is 5 years old, where has the time gone. As I look at her, I think about all the obstacles that she has had to overcome. For a while it was one thing after another, but she met those challenges as she does with everything else, a smile and a determination to do it her way. For those people who now Maddi yardMaddi personally, they know that Maddi likes to do things her own way and does not like being “led”, but I digress. Maddi has had to fight since the day she was born, and continues to fight. Most people don’t have to fight for things nearly as hard as this little angel that is only 5 years old. In the beginning it was a fight to live and now it is a fight to do things that “typical” children seem to do with ease. I know I have said some of this before but I can’t help it, the amount of strength this little girl has is remarkable. I am glad that she has a fighting spirit, because she will have to fight for things that you and I take for granted every day. She will not have to do this fight on her own though, she has numerous people around her that will go to war for her. Maddi has a way of making people fall in love with her just by being who she is.Maddi bed2

So what does 5 years old look like for Maddi. Well she has had a number of really good things happen. We recently moved to a house in Windham, Maine. It is a nice place that has a back yard, where she can run around and play ball, which she absolutely loves to do. Maddi is no longer in a crib. We skipped the toddler bed and went straight to a big girl twin size bed. She absolutely loves her bed, it was nice to see the huge smile on her face when she came home from school to see her bed and then to be able to bounce on it, that was great. It is moments like that where she is completely happy that I think to myself that the hard times are worth it. She does really well in her bed she has only rolled off a couple of times.Maddi bed She wakes up on her own and wakes us up by playing and banging on the baby gate when she is ready to come out and watch cartoons. Maddi will stay at her “school” for another year, we felt that with everything that has gone on this past year she would not be where she needs to be for Kindergarten. So all in all everything is good in Maddi’s world. She is just like “typical” children her age in a lot of things and is progressing well. As I look back at the last 5 years of her life I thank the Lord for letting our family take care of one of his Angels. She is not mine but instead belongs to the Lord up above. I just get to have custody while she is here.


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