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I am posting a link to a form so that you guys can subscribe to the Team Mad for Maddi email list. This list will be used for special invites, updates, and thank you notes. Thank you in advance for signing up.


The Mad for Maddi team is interested in hearing about any ideas that people may have for fundraising.  We are currently selling band bracelets as a continuous fundraiser, but I think to raise the most money possible we need to come up with other activities. Any input from the community would be greatly appreciated. Along with ideas if anyone wants to take the lead on anything suggested or can help that would be helpful also.


HEARING HELPhearing aids


Maddi now has some new fashion accessories. Her hearing aids are pink sparkles. This is exciting times for Maddi, as we hope that with the hearing aids Maddi will start to make more sounds. School has already noticed her trying to mimic more sounds. Keep your fingers crossed.







Help Us Raise Money For Down Syndrome Awareness 2014-02-21 12.51.18Team Mad for Maddi will be raising money for this year’s Buddy Walk with a number of different events and/or products. The first one that is also ongoing is our Band Bracelets. You can get these popular handmade bracelets in the official Down Syndrome colors, of Blue and Yellow. Pricing for orders will be as follows: $1.00 per bracelet or 5 for $4.00, you basically are buying 4 and getting 1 free. All orders can be made via the Team Mad for Maddi Facebook page. Shipping will be taken care of by us, just let us know how many you want and where to send them. Order yours today!!


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