Welcome 2013-09-22 11.16.41to the team Mad for Maddi page. Our beautiful daughter, Madilynne, has Down syndrome as do so many other special people.  Throughout this journey of life we would like to use this site to celebrate the wondrous beauty of not only our daughter, Madilynne, who has but all people with Down Syndrome.  The Mad for Maddi team takes part in the annual Buddy Walk each September which is hosted by the Maine Down Syndrome Society; these funds help raise awareness, offer help, support, and educational materials to new parents and health professional.

1 thought on “Home

  1. Nana and Papa Aydlott

    Our Beautiful Granddaughter that we would LOVE to see more often but because of distance can’t…Anyone want to donate us all $ to make this wish come true? Well hopefully one day soon we will see each other again…until then Maddi, know that Nana and Papa are holding you tight in their dreams and in their prayers…Give your sweet beautiful sister, Bailey our love too, because we feel the same way about her also. God Bless this wonderful family. ❤



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